Raw Cacao

Cacao Bliss Ingredients | Raw Cacao
Raw Cacao has more antioxidants than most superfoods!

The US Department of Agriculture’s ORAC score (short for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is an easy way of measuring the antioxidant capacity of food. ORAC scores of superfoods you’re surely familiar with include: broccoli with an an ORAC of 890, strawberries with an ORAC of 1,540, kale with an ORAC of 1,770, and blueberries with an ORAC of 2,400.

The goji berry -- well known as one of the most nutritionally-packed superfoods in the world -- has an ORAC score of 25,300.

All of these are impressive at delivering free-radical-fighting antioxidants. But none of them even come close to raw cacao -- with an ORAC rating of 95,500! That’s over 30 times more antioxidant power than most other superfoods!

It also contains a wide variety of nutritional elements, including calcium, carotene, thiamin, riboflavin, magnesium, sulfur, flavonoids, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids.

And the fiber inside raw cacao has been shown to feed the healthy flora living inside your gut. Cacao flavanols are an effective prebiotic because they can directly impact the growth of healthy gut bacteria. Healthy intestinal flora improves digestion and gut health, enhances immune function, and helps balance your hormones.

The problem with most cacao is that the traditional processing of cacao strips away many of its vital nutrients!

Most companies take raw cacao beans and put them into mass production roasting machines so they can produce more, faster, and therefore sell more to the masses. They’re literally baking the nutrition right out of it!

The hotter the bean gets (through traditional processing like roasting), the more nutrients are broken down and evaporated into the air. So when you bite into a piece of traditional chocolate, most of the 300+ phytonutrients are gone! That’s why most store-bought chocolate -- often including dark chocolate, organic chocolate, and even cacao powder -- have very little nutritional value.

But we’ve hunted down a rare producer of raw cacao who still uses the ancient sun-kissed method of preserving and curing raw cacao beans. These cacao beans are never roasted. Instead, they’re harvested organically and dried using the gentle warmth of the Peruvian sun.

They’re also single-source, meaning we only use one source of cacao beans, unlike most other companies who use cacao blends, diluting its total nutritional value and leaving you unsure of its quality. And we’ve combined this single-source, sun-kissed, raw cacao with other superfoods to benefit your entire body!

Raw cacao has been scientifically proven to:
  • Keep you satiated so you can better control your appetite with almost no willpower.
  • Better regulate blood sugar, so you can prevent some of those glucose spikes that leave you feeling drained and exhausted.
  • Reduce the number of carbohydrates you absorb so managing your weight becomes a little easier.
And not only is raw cacao good for you -- it makes you feel good, too!

The moment chocolate touches your lips and begins melting in your mouth, that silky, warm, smooth, satisfying feeling begins to send pleasure signals to your brain. As you digest it, your brain fills with a treasure chest of “feel good” chemicals, including:

Serotonin -- The same pleasure chemical your body releases after eating carbs. It also brings you a sense of well being, to help your brain feel calmer and stabilize any frazzled moods.

Theobromine -- This feel-good chemical floods you with physical and mental relaxation. This helps put you into a more peaceful, relaxed state as you forget about the worries of your day and stay more present in the moment.

Phenylethylamine (PEA) -- Known as the “love chemical” because it’s the same neurotransmitter which makes you feel flushed and excited when you see someone you’re attracted to.

Anandamide -- The bliss molecule, which triggers a release of dopamine, causing your body to slip into a state of euphoria.

With all these feel-good chemicals, it’s the perfect way to start your day on a good note, or end it for a great night's sleep.